Name:Alanna Vansen
   Joined:16th March, 1998
   Rank:Wing Commander
   DOB:23rd October, 2287
   Height:175 cm
   Weight:57 kg
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    Abducted from her Medieval Homeworld of Nekri in 2295 by Romulans, she was the subject of genetic tests trying to discover the secrets to the Genetic Modifications of her species done by their 'creators'.

    In 2370 she was inserted into Federation Space as an infiltrator and was allowed to age and joined starfleet Academy 2380.

    Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy Alanna Vansen was given the rank of Ensign and assigned to the Flight Department of the USS Impulse 73929A. During the Tholian War she rose in rank to Lieutenant and the Head of the Department.

    She temporarily commanded the USS Victory during the OSS campaign during the Battle for the Antilles Rift. The ship was was destroyed. She was promoted to Lt. Commander.

    After the Battle for Antilles Rift she went undercover with the New Maquis for some time, gathering Intel on the organization as it transition from vigilante into a criminal organization. During this time she was reunited with her brother, Shaun Vansen, who was an active member of the New Maquis.

    Vansen returned from the infiltration assignment in time for the Battle for Corregidor. The USS Impulse-A crash landed then sieged.

    Alanna with Jonathan Star and a couple others secretly visited the Nekrah Homeworld, Nerki, and experienced a year of events in only a month, and found out about her past and met her biological brother, Gregg Vansen and foiled a revolution instigated by FORCE.

    Eventually Alanna was assigned as the Chief Navigator on the USS Impulse-B, an old Prometheus Class.

    During Operation: Faraday, Alanna given command of the many Attack Craft.

    When the USS Impulse B was all but destroyed, the crew were moved back to the repaired USS Impulse A, Alanna was given leadership of the Flight Department and the 300 attack craft and given the Flight rank of Major.