Name:Berg Gabriel
   Joined:1st February 2001
   Rank:Lt. Commander
   DOB:2nd June, 2360
   Starsign:Gemini (Western)/ Taurus (IAU)
   Height:167 cm
   Hair:Short Bleeched
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    "Only smoke and fools like high places."
    Born in Breman, Earth but orphaned at a young age. Berg was adopted by his biological father, Commander Diether Gabriel (2330-?). Berg lived on board the USS Tripitz from this pont onwards. The Second Borg invasion of 2370 made Diether consider it no longer safe to have a family on board a Starship. Berg, aged 10, was enrolled into the St. Thomas School, a Boarding School in Leipzig.

    Berg acted, out shaved his head and was marginal while at St. Thomas School. Was absent without explanation for months at a time. Administration suspected Berg to have accompanied Raymond Diaz and Niquelle on archaeological digs.

    Berg applied for Starfleet Academy the day after his 21st birthday. Berg enroled without his surname to both annoy his father and to prove he could make a career without his families political connections. His aim to become an Admiral and affect policy change. While at the Academy, Berg, Diaz and Niquelle are known to have visited the Temple to the Tholian War God. The three escaped the outbreak of the Tholian War on the Tholian Homeworld, but Berg was held captive by DaiMon Raks in the Outer Colonies for a few months.

    After Berg finally graduated and ended up on the the USS Cairo B as a Navigator. Berg was promoted to Lieutenant (jg) after his first six month review. Berg distinguished himself on the USS Cairo when piloted during combat against Rogue Tholian ships attacking Deep Space 5. Captain Elbraum offered Berg the position of Chief Navigator on his ship, the USS Impulse 73929B and a full Lieutenant.

    Now on the USS Impulse, Berg developed a friendly rivalry with Lieutenant Paul Williams, another high flying young Lieutenant. Berg was also reunited with his childhood friend Lieutenant (jg) Niquelle Stevens. As Chief Navigator, of the USS Impulse, Berg piloted the majority of the missions including Anketi Nebula Explosion, Tholian POW Transport, Pursing Penal Colony Escapees & Fake Romulan Invasion. Berg slowing grew into the shoes hewas put in, initally making mistakes having been promoted too quickly, eventually learning to become a fine officer. During Shore Leave on Risa, Berg assisted Niquelle investigation into Former Commander Paddock's Genetic Experiments. Then Berg piloted the Impulse during the Mad Borg Invasion.

    During peace talks on Deep Space 5, the Romulan Praetor was assassinated. Berg piloted the USS Impulse chasing a Founder assumed to have done it and ended up inside the Bajorian Wormhole. Berg, along with the rest of the crew, helped the Prophets fight against the Founder/Pah-Wraith alliance.

    The Impulse was assumed destroyed after this fight, but actually crashed on Theros a Medieval Planet. Berg's knowledge of archaeology and history allowed him to conclude thatall the settlements here only appeared old and inhabitation must have only happened centuries ago. Berg's Father, the now retired Diether Gabriel, used his poltical pressure to have Berg posthumously earn the Medal of Valor for his actions during the 2385 Borg Invasion.

    The USS Impulse eventually made it back to Earth. Berg went down to Earth to return the Medal of Valor he didn't truely earn, but instead Niquelle and Berg found themselves in the middle of a New Maquis conspiracy involving a fake President. Berg managed to evacuate the real President to safety from Palais de la Concorde, but brutally injured after being thrown a hundred feet in the air and the President kidnapped.

    Berg was hospitalised. After three months he was able to leave the bed. For a long time Berg was confined to a wheelchair. Berg was not idle during his time in a wheelchair and assisted during the Araria, Bememoth IV, Mutant Tribbles, Zeta Berus, Maquis Disarmament, Invasion War-games, Theros, and Dyson Sphere missions.

    Berg earned himself a Distinguished Service Medal and Lt. Commander for his rescue of the President.

    Berg was out of his wheelchair and using a cane before the start of the Diablo mission. Berg declined the First Officer position of the USS Impulse when he realised that Captain Garek Darpeg didn't respect him. In orbit of planet Diablo, Berg arrested Captain Darpeg over sabotage of an unarmed Civilian Ship.Captain Darpeg kept his command and received only a Non-Judicial Punishment.

    During Operation: Faraday, Berg was given Operational Control of the Starfleet Ships aiding in the evacuation and acting rank ofCommander.

    For years Berg was only known by his first name, even officially. So he is still addressed 'Berg' or 'Commander Berg' by people who know him, even though he now uses his surname again. Enjoys Treasure Hunting, puzzle solving, and playing the trumpet.

    Ferengi Slaver Tattoo on right wrist. Used to have three facial scars, two of them were erased from history due to a Paradox. Does not have a moustache