Name:Bev Elbraum
   Joined:April, 1998
   Rank:Lt. Commander
   DOB:24th May, 2358
   Height:165 cm
   Weight:140 lbs
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    Bev was born on Vulcan in the year 2358. Bev was only three days old when her mother took off for parts unknown. The only person with knowledge of her identity is Spock, Bev's father, an identity that he is unwilling to share to anyone. Spock apparently kept a close eye on where her mother has gone and somewhat knows where she was in the year 2358. In December of 2363, he received word that she had been killed by the Romulans.

    Bev entered medical school at the age of 15. While attending medical school, Bev befriended Maggie Henderson. Becoming good friends instantly they became study partners and did everything together. They shared one class together in their entire time in medical school.

    While in medical school Bev had said that immediately after she graduated from medical school that she would attend Starfleet Academy. Growing up on a starship all her life the time she spent on planets felt weird and strange to her, making her long for the life in space.

    She was eventually assigned to the USS Impulse A as a Medical Officer, and soon was made Chief Medical Officer.

    Was manipulated by Captain Robert Carrington, CO of the USS Cairo into a false engagement in order to manipulate Former-Praetor Neral intoan alliance during the Tholian War.

    After the USS Impulse A and USS Cairo crashed during the Battle of Corregidor, Bev worked at Starfleet Medical before being assigned to the USS Impulse B as it's Chief Medical Officer.

    She grew closer to Niko Elbraum, Captain of the USS Impulse during this time.the two married January 11, 2386.

    Not long afterwards, Bev and Niko were seperated when her husband went undercover in a Syndicate of Killers. when his mission was over he was promoted to the Admiralty. Bev remained as Chief Medical Officer on the USS Impulse B.

    Bev lead the Medical Mission to cure Somatic Necrotization on planet Araria. She was also in command of the excelsior class USS Nimitzduring the Evacuation of Romulus and protected the Refugee Fleet from a Tholian Raid.

    After a fateful encounter with Captain Nero, the USS Impulse B was almost destroyed except Bev revealed to Nero whoshe was. Nero stayed his hand and took Bev hostage. After almost 2 weeks of captivity, Bev escaped, but withoutAmbassador Spock, ended up trapped in the past in another timeline with Nero.

    Bev has two children, Jasmine and Nicolas Elbraum. They live on Deep Space 5 with their father as Bev works on the USS Impulse A as it's Chief Medical Officer and Executive Officer.