Name:Garek Darpeg
   Joined:16th March, 1998
   DOB:December 21, 2351
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    Born in 2351 on Vulcan to T'Bek of Vulcan and Kloroth of Imperial Klingon Navy Mother is a holographer for Subspace Network News. She had been widowed 10 years before when she was assigned by the network to cover the launching of a new Klingon ship. At that time, father was executive officer of IKS Doomsday. The two met and soon got married. Kloroth allowed his son to study Vulcan disciplines as long as he studied to be a warrior. At the Battle for the Bajorian Wormhole, Kloroth was listed as killed in action.

    Garek had studied at Klingon War College, Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet academy. He excelled in the bat'leth, with theVulcan lyre and graduated Starfleet Academy with honours in advanced tactical fighting and starship defence tactics. He has fluent command of Vulcan, Klingon and, English. While at the Vulcan Science Academy Garek met M’Gret of Vulcan and later entered pon farr and married. Together they have a child son Kloroth named after Garek's father.

    Started as Petty Officer second class aboard USS Impulse 73929 & USS Impulse 73929A in tactical department. Distinguished himself in duty was awarded the Star Cross with clusters for bravery during the Tholian War. He worked up in rank to Lieutenant Commander as Chief Tactical/Security officer.

    Was given his own command, USS Courage at the end of the war.

    The brainwashed crew of the USS Impulse were lead to beleive that Garek along with his wife M’Gret and son Kloroth died while under the Assassin's influence.

    A year after his apparent death, when again the Assassins were active, a pod was discovered by the USS Impulse 73929B within the Risan system containing Garek Darpeg. Darpeg was revived and the crew infuenced to believe he was from a different timeline. Alternative Darpeg was given a field commission to Commander by Niko Elbraum, and given the Executive Officer position on the USS Impulse to replace Semaj Yarlig's who'd become unstable.

    For the five months, Darpeg has acted with distinction and was made acting Captain. Several months later after Niko Elbraum was made an Admiral, Garek's rank was confirmed by the admiralty. Was part of the mission to destroy Mother, the computer in charge of the Assassins.

    Discovered he was the real Garek Darpeg after Dr Yarlig's investigation. Was reunited with Dr M’Gret and now both trying to find their son Kloroth.