Name:Niko Elbraum
   Joined:10th October, 1997
   Rank:Rear Admiral
   DOB:10th February, 2362
   Height:208 cm
   Weight:170 lbs
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    He was raised on earth by his paternal grandparents after his parents were killed by pirates when he was aged 7 yrs. His cousin of Tom Elbraum died soon after, however in conflict with the Dominion.

    Niko joined Starfleet, and rose quickly though the ranks, becoming the youngest Starfleet Captain ever at age 22 due to Rear Admiral Hanlen's influence, and suceeded Hanlen in command of the USS Impulse 73929A. After a brief liaison with Suna Diaz, Niko met Treanna. Married in October of 2384 to Treanna. In December of the same year, Treanna was killed by a mind controlled Garek Darpeg. She was killed because her pregnancy made her immune to the mind control, and attempting to free the crew also. Hours after the Incident, the USS Impulse 73929A was put down by Starfleet, and it's crew cured of the mind control.

    Eight months later, the USS Impulse 73929B was launched, and Elbraum was assigned as it's commanding officer. The Second Officer was his own cousin, Shaun Hough, who opposed Niko's new relationship with Bev as it broke Starfleet Regulations. Shaun Hough soon after contracted an incurable tumour and died. When Bev was abducted by Romulans, with the demand Niko surrender himself, Niko did so. However it was all a cunning ploy to get a Tholian created clone of Bev to spy on board the USS Impulse.

    However, Niko managed to escape his Romulan captives with the help of an away team, and rescued Bev. After escaping, Niko proposed marriage to Bev. The two married January 11, 2386 while in the Gamma Quadrant by the Church of Sentient Faith.

    While in the Bajorian wormhole, was processed by a Pah Wraith, and after a fight with Darpeg and then Colidson's Security Team, Elbraum fell unconscious. He was later transferred to a hospital on Betazed. Shortly afterwards he was abducted as he slept.

    A month later on Earth an assassin called Specter took the life of the President's body double. Evidence left behind revealed that Specter was actually Niko Elbraum. Niko was later caught by the crew of the Impulse and discovered to be brainwashed. Once his memories were restored, Niko was bereted the position of Admiral and placed in change of five starships and instructed to take down the assassins he had been working for.