Name:Richard Isaac Hanlen
   Joined:10th October, 1997
   Rank:Rear Admiral
   DOB:9th September, 2356
   Height:203 cm
   Weight:185 kg
   Hair:Short black hair
with a white streak
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    The only child of Isaac and Della Hanlen. Richard was not exactly the most popular guy in school. He was shunned and ridiculed. Not much of a social life whatsoever. His father could not handle Richardís difference therefore he left him and his mother when he was twelve. Richard did not take it well and has pretty much written off his father. He spent his time studying the heavens and military history. He also explored his Ďgiftí and how far he can push it. Being alone he got very good at it.

    After graduating from high school, Richard enrolled at Cambridge University. He took a masters in the astronomy program. Using his special sight, he excelled at the subject and graduated with impressive grades. From there he applied to Starfleet Academy. He entered the tactics program and excelled once again. Graduating at the top of his class in tactics, he came out with honours.

    He requested a post most befitting his skills. He ended up choosing the Deep Space Five station. The station was situated at the border of Tholian space. A definite hot spot. There, Richard became a tactical officer. Here he served diligently and with distinction. After six months of service he received the Starfleet Medal. He became an integral member of the station and he was instrumental in thwarted many threats to the station.

    One threat in particular that Richard was involved in was the attack of the splinter collective, the Borg X. He had constructed a device that allowed him to input what he was seeing directly into the targeting computers of a starship. With this set-up, he joined the crew of a borrowed starship and they intercepted a Borg cube on a direct course to the station. Once there, the starship engaged the cube. Richard connected to the computer and began to look for the Achilles heel of the cube. Just before he found the weak spot, the Borg sent a feedback surge through the equipment. Nearly frying his synapses, Richard continued his scan and found what he was looking for. Locking onto the co-ordinates, the starship threw everything she had at the cube. After a few shots, the cube was destroyed. Richard received the Kragite Order of Heroism and the Purple Heart for his actions.

    Unbeknownst to Richard, the collective established a link to his mind and the rest of the collective. A week after the incident, Richard was aware of his link and reported it to his CO. He informed him that the Borg X where about to hit the station again. This time they would have adapted to the last attack. The CO requested reinforcement and prepared the station for battle.

    During the preparations, what appeared to be a small scout ship was seen leaving the station for the Federation/Romulan border. Fearing attack by the Romulans, the CO sent Richard on a covert mission to track the ship and find out what is going on. Richard caught up to the scout soon and was preparing to track and follow it. Thatís when and unknown ship appeared and destroyed Richards ship. Richard woke up and found himself a captive to hideous aliens. They hooked him up to a torture device that immersed Richard in a complete sensory situation. To him, he was being tortured horribly in Hell. For days he was tortured thus. His psyche was near to madness when the Borg communicated with him.

    The Borg X where without a leader and where in need of direction. They asked Richard because his mutation didnít allow assimilation and would introduce an element of imagination they thought they needed to survive. They informed Richard that they would be able to give him what he needed to escape Hell and stop these Demons, as Richard began to call them, from destroying the Federation. Richard accepted the offer and destroyed the Demon ship.

    The process of being fully integrated into the collective had changed Richardís eyes from all-white to all-black. Also, the mutation he was born with activated even further and he became a powerful telepath. The grievous injuries Richard received battling the Demons prompted the Borg to install nano-probes into his body. This resulted in the appearance of visible and hidden implants. The trauma of the torture had produced a streak of white hair at Richardís right temple.

    There was debate at Starfleet Command about this and tests where approved for Richard to take to prove he was still free-willed. He passed them with flying colours and served with distinction. Grumblings about the Borg serving the Federation began and Richard was slowly being distanced be his peers. However, his efforts where noticed. He was promoted to Lt. (jg) and made head of tactical when the former chief was reassigned.

    Richard served as chief for a short period. The CO of the station had procured the hulk of the USS Phoenix, a Nebula class starship. From there, he ordered the ship refurbished and assigned it to the sector of space the station was in. The CO crewed the ship with his own personnel and needed to find a captain for her. After reviewing the records of all his personnel, the CO chose Richard to take the centre chair. So Richard was promoted once again to Lt. and took the USS Impulse as his ship.

    Starfleet Command disapproved of Richardís appointment as CO of the ship. The CO of DS5 wrote a report on why he chose this particular officer and submitted it. SFC approved of the report but they still quoted regulations and asked he be removed for someone of appropriate experience and testing. The CO of DS5 came up with his own solution. He put Richard through all of the tests reserved for command officers who become captains. Richard passed all of them and the results rushed to SFC. With no other recourse, SFC promoted Richard to full Captain.

    The USS Impulse served with distinction and was becoming well known very quickly. Many now famous exploits where told throughout the Federation. However, Richardís affiliation with the Borg was not viewed on with approval. He became feared and suspicions grew about his loyalty.

    Soon, reports of the Demonís have appeared. Richard used his collective to protect the Federations borders from a possible attack. Scouting revealed a massive attack force was massing to invade the Federation. Richard gathered his Borg X and the USS Impulse to repel the attack. Then, the Demonís struck. Thousands of Demon ships flooded across the border. Richard transferred aboard one of the cubes and defended as best he could. He left the Impulse under his XO Commander Niko Elbraum. Together they repulsed the attack. Unfortunately, Richard lost his left arm and the Borg X collective. Only a handful of Borg survived. Because of the massive losses to the collective, the link was broken and the drones that where left became free. Given the choice to return to their former lives, these free drones opted to stay with Richard and serve Starfleet. Richard was awarded the Star Cross and the Combat Medal for his sacrifice.

    With his left arm replaced by Borg prosthesis, Richard continued his service as CO of the USS Impulse. Unfortunately, that service was threatened by an internal discontent. Many civilians and officers had expressed discomfort at Richardís existence as a representative of the Borg. Charges where drawn up and Richard found himself in front of a review board fighting for his job in Starfleet.

    Richard felt he faced this crisis alone. He was wrong however, his entire crew from the Impulse testified on his behalf. He was supported by officers of Starfleet other than his own crew: DS5 and the USS Cairo where among them. Foremost was Captain Robert Carrington of the USS Cairo. With all of the weight of heartfelt testimony towards Richardís character, the panel of judges dismissed the charges and allowed Richard to return to his hard won ship.

    Shortly after his court trial, the Dominion threatened the Federation planet of Betazed. A massive build-up of enemy forces was nearly completed and the war was starting to go badly. But this was just the beginning of a long bloody campaign to follow.

    Soon, the Federation was spread thin and the attack on Betazed commenced. The planets government pleaded for help, however the Federation Council could not afford to send it. Richard volunteered his ship to defend the beleaguered planet. The true situation was realized when the enemy fleet arrived. Hundreds of Dominion ships swarmed into the system. With the last minute addition of the USS Cairo, the defence looked hopeless. The attack overwhelmed the defenders yet both ships fought with tenacity, bravery and brilliance unmatched. Eventually, the USS Impulse identified the enemy flagship. Richard seeing no other option drove his ship straight for the massive battleship. He recognized a unifying technology on the ship that was helping to co-ordinate their forces. Richard knew he had to take the ship out no matter what. He kicked up the speed to maximum impulse and fought his way to the flagship. With a few moments to spare, Richard beamed his crew off the Impulse onto the Cairo in a risky manoeuvre. He intended to ram the ship. It was the only way. He was willing to go down with the ship to stop this attack. Fortunately for Richard, the Cairo managed to beam him out a microsecond before impact. The resulting explosion destroyed the flagship and many others around it. The attackers where stunned at the loss of cohesion and bungled into one another. Pretty soon the attackers withdrew to recoup the loss of their flag. For his action that saved Betazed, Richard was awarded the Federation highest award for bravery, the Medal of Valour.