Name:Kai Liu
   Joined:Feb 1999
   DOB:January 1, 2360
   POB:Japan, Earth
   Height:190.5 cm
   Hair:Long & Black
Also goatee.
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Known Relatives:

    Parents: Shang Liu (alive), Chun Liu (alive)

Service Record:

    Upon graduation Kai served onboard the MSS DragonStar as the Chief of Security and Chief Tactical Officer until its destruction in the Andromeda galaxy. Kai was later promoted to Lieutenant and given the position of Chief Intelligence Officer on the MSS Steel Tzar under the command of Starfleet Intel mole Alanna Vansen.

    Kai was a part of the Maquis struggle on Pollux V. During this struggle Kai infiltrated a Pah-Wraith Cult and followed it to a prison island. There Kai fought and defeated a Pah Wraith possessed man called the Kain. Kai himself was then possessed and was granted strange powers. He used these powers to help the New Maquis overcome rogue gods Ra and Set. After the conflict the power was taken away but a 'gift' was given to him from the Gods of Pollux V. This 'gift' is called the System. The System enables Kai to sense when danger is around him and how to fight that danger. Kai was also believed to be part of a New Maquis team that infiltrated Earth and entered the caves outside Rome, Italy. The nature of the New Maquis mission is unknown, although Starfleet was investigating a series of ancient cave markings that showed similarities to Romulan, Klingon, and Roman texts.

    Kai was on MSS Steel Tzar during Operation: New Maquis Fallout. He was reported as escaping the MSS Steel Tzar and engaging security forces on Risa. He was not captured but accepted the amnesty deal offered to all New Maquis members by Federation President Bacco. Currently Kai has been traced aboard the USS Impulse B.

Hobbies and Special Training:

    Trained in martial arts his entire life in Japan. His discipline is in Ninjitsu for which he has achieved the status of Supreme Warrior. Expert knowledge in Martial Arts Weapons and Klingon Hand Weapons. Practicioner of humanoid pressure points, immobilization techniques, and death blows.