Joined:12th January, 1997
   DOB:March 4, 2353
   Height:175 cm
   Weight:160 lbs
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    He was born on the planet Vulcan and grew up in the Soharo district with both his parents who were also of Vulcan origin. He has two sisters and one brother. During the bajoran occupation one of his fatherís bajoran friends left his son, of the same age, in the care of Hashero. Kenan befriended the boy and they became best friends. After the occupation they lost touch. Kenan attended the Vulcan academy for 4 years then went to Starfleet to further his studies.

    Captain Carrington along with almost all of the crew of the USS Cairo, were killed some years later during a battle deep inside Tholian space. The ship was thrown into a state of flux and when it emerged only a few of the crew were left alive and drifting in space deep inside the delta quadrant. Kenan, being the most senior officer, assumed command and managed to get most of the crew home safely.

    Interests: Playing chess