Fake Name:Homatew Lett
   Real Name:D
   Joined:4th July, 2003
   Age:34 (Pretends 25)
   DOB:14 March, 2353
   Height:189 cm
   Weight:86 kg
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    The fake background information about Lett's background tells that is first name is Homatew, he was born and raised on the family farm, run by his family on the remote Federation Colony World of Tact. He was made an orphan in a war, his sister died and he has a long lost brother. The backstory designed to be the most advantageous for infiltrating the USS Impulse B.

    The Truth is he was trained from a young age at the Excalibur Memorial Archive to rote memorize a vast array of facts without context. Then to assume personas of people who understood the facts and could use them.

    Starfleet Internal Affairs had 'Lett' transferred to the USS Impulse B following a series of highly suspicious activities, appearing as a recent Academy Graduate.

    Lett earned a reputation on the ship for excelling in forensic science. His true purpose was to gather evidence to help build a case against the Command Staff. Lett ingratiated himself into the inner circle of the crew, he managed to document many suspect orders from Captain Niko Elbraum in the lead up to the Mad Borg Invasion. After the invasion ended Niko Elbraum and Commander Semaj Yarlig both vanished and the investigation came to a halt and a new CO and XO were assigned to the ship. Lett abruptly left the ship as well.

    As a different persona, Lett as 'Investigator Takke' hunted down Elbraum. He failed to stop Elbraum from assassinating President Clarke. When Elbraum returned to the USS Impulse after the attack, 'Investigator Takke' arrived on the USS Impulse with a 20-man extraction team to arrest and capture of the assassin. Niko Elbraum kills the extration team and telepathically assaults Lett. In the aftermath, Elbraum finds himself no longer brainwashed, Lett finds himself thrown into the brig, the personas of Lett and Takke seem to vanish and and he appears catatonic. He is transferred to a Psyche Ward on Dr Galaar's instructions.

    The person known as Lett eventually wakes up in a padded cell finding himself alone and without his memories on the USS Impulse. The ship had been stolen during a minor refit by a group of rogue Romulans. Lett proceeded to systematically kill all 50 Romulan intruders using stealth, sabotage and memory fragments before he end up in the void of space.

    After the Impulse is saved and Lett is retrieved before dying in open space, Lett adopts the identity of Lett for real. Slowly over time, Lett's psyche is rebuilt. He remains on board the USS Impulse as a Forensic Scientist, unsure what parts of his past are true or false memories.

    After a near death experience during the Evacuation of Romulus, Lett falls into a coma for a day or so. While unconscious Lett is able to make sense of his past and understands the fact from fiction. He now has D's ability to shift into different fields of expertise and viewpoint, but with Lett in control. Lett has been unable to create new personas, and has to rely on ones D had previously created.