Name:M'Gret Darpeg
   Joined:22nd November, 1998
   Rank:Lieutenant (jg)
   DOB:December 21, 2351
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    Born in 2351 on Vulcan.

    Joined Vulcan Science Academy at age 21. Met Garek Darpeg in her fifth year there. Graduated with a Science Doctorate.

    After turning 28 entered Pon Farr and married Garek. Together they have a child called Kloroth named after Garek's father.

    Followed Garek into Starfleet. At first held a Earth post to be with Kloroth, but during the Tholian War she was transfered to the USS Impulse 73929A in the Science Department to be with him.

    Transfered to the USS Courage after the end of the war with Garek and their son Kloroth.

    She was brainwashed to believe her husband died with the destruction of the USS Courage. Now reunited with Captain Darpeg they are now both trying to find their son Kloroth.