Name:Niquelle Stevens
   Joined:30th November, 2000
   Rank:Lt. Commander
   Found:September 18, 2370
   Height:170 cm
   Weight:58 kg
   Hair:Short Dark Brown
  Career     Education   Medical (1) Medical (2)   Decorations     Languages Spoken  


    Nothing is know of her before the age of 10 years old. She was found in the woods in Canada in 2370 by Berg Gabriel and Raymond Diaz. Unable to find any family or living relatives, she stayed with those two and joined in on the Archaeology adventures.

    When she joined Starfleet Academy she adopted the surname of her fiancée Dee Stevens for her registration form. Three days before their wedding, Dee was lost at sea, presumed drown. When Niquelle graduated she was assigned as an Operations Officer on the USS Impulse 73929B under Lieutenant Paul Williams. Niquelle soon learnt the ropes and realised she was better and organising things than her Chief of Operations.

    Niquelle suceeded in defusing four bombs placed by Sheliak in the Outer Colonies. After a battle with rogue Tholians at Deep Space 5, the Impulse was stranded deep inside Tholian Space. Niquelle while repairing the engines recieved a fatal dose of radiation and only survived because of Commander Richard Hanlen's Borg Techology.

    Niquelle along with Alanna Vansen and Jonathan Star went to investigate the Cybernetic Assassin with the alias The Majician who had assassinated President Casper. During the investigation The Majician appeared and caused Starfleet HQ to explode with his technology. Niquelle's clone was barely evacuated in time. The three of them arrested The Majician in Barbados.

    Then Niquelle's Clone next assignment t was on Risa, to investigate Former Commander Paddock's Genetic Experiments at Risa Park. He had resurrected the La Ja Bless and Tribbles. Niquelle's Clone discovered that Former Commander Paddock's had created an Augment Tribble for the New Maquis augmenting in visious La Ja Bless DNA. This weapon was planned to be used against the Klingons. Before Niquelle's Clone could warn anyone, Former Commander Paddock's Kalizian Assassin had Niquelle's Clone killed.

    Mad Borg Invasion started and Real Niquelle was awaked from her stasis pod as an Undesignated Drone. After having her mind freed by Commander Richard Hanlen, Niquelle and Doctor Bev used a memory transfer device previously used by Captain Niko Elbraum and absorbed all of her late clone's memories into her own.

    It took Niquelle two weeks for her to recover from the memory merge and reconstruct all these memories and events and adjust to her Borg cortical inhibitor. She then returned to active duty as Acting Chief Engineer on the Impulse B. During Niquelle rehabilitation Niquelle discovered that Dee Stevens hadn't died, but was a Starfleet Inteligence Officer and was going by the name Homatew Lett. Niquelle hasn't forgiven him. Niquelle also started training with Raven in his people's martial art, Riv'kgra. Inside the Bajoran Wormhole, a fragment of Commander Richard Hanlen removed the visible surface implants from Niquelle, but she remained Borg.

    When the command module of the Impulse B crashed upon Theros and Niquelle was very busy with repairs. Niquelle also discovered at this time she could connect to the recreated Unimatrix Zero, but she never remembered it when she was awake.

    After getting back to Earth, Niquelle supervised the repairs. Niquelle and Berg while on Earth, found themselves caught in the middle a New Maquis conspiracy that involving a fake President and the distribution of the Mutant Tribbles that Former Commander Paddock's had made. Niquelle and Berg freed the real President only for Former Commander Paddock's Kalizian Assassin to then kidnap the President back and severely injure Berg. Also they had news that the Mutant Tribbles had been unleashed upon the Klingon Empire.

    The Impulse B stopped it's repairs and rushed towards the Klingon Empire. On the way the Impulse B was stopped by an evil ISS Impulse. Niquelle obtained a giant hammer weapon off her Mirror Version before the ISS Impulse was destroyed. The weapon remains unnamed. Finally they got to Qo'noS to find the Mutant Tribbles were everywhere but they also realised that the President and Former Commander Paddock were not here. On the surface of Qo'noS, Niquelle fought against the Mutant Tribbles until they were neutralised with aerosolised deodorising weapons created by crew of the Impulse B.

    The Impulse was given new orders and arrived at Eta Zebra, Niquelle analysed the technology and culture of the world applying for Federation Membership. She did the same on Behemoth IV. In orbit of Araria, Niquelle sabotaged the USS Hamilton and fought with it's Space Zombie crew to prevent them from escaping and spreading the Ararian Infection until they were neutralised with aerosolised antidote weapons created by crew of the Impulse B.

    The Impulse B finally had a lead in their search for Former Commander Paddock, his Kalizian Assassin and the missing President. After destroying an assassin base they found out a lot about the Kalizian Assassin's past. After another detour by another mirror universe USS Impulse (neutral, not evil this time), they reached Romulus under the pretense of 'Wargames'. On the surface of Romulus at a 'Water Temple' the Kalizian Assassin was found, but no President or Former Commander Paddock. A trap was made, the kidnapper was caught and the President freed.

    With the Kalizian Assassin dead and Former Commander Paddock's arrested, Niquelle now had peace of mind and justice at last for herself and her clone. The Impulse went to Deep Space 5 to finish it's repairs at last. The ship was stolen. Niquelle helped able to recapture the Impulse and get it back to the starbase.

    Niquelle was made Chief of Operations. While on leave at Deep Space 5, Niquelle met and began dating former New Maquis Kai Liu. Niquelle was finding her cortical inhibitor was more and more inhibiting her desires and emotions outside of Unimatrix Zero. She was considered something of a sociopath by her crew. Inside Unimatrix Zero Niquelle has a full range of emotions and now feels it is 'home'.

    During Operation: Faraday, Niquelle was given temporary command of the USS Fury.