Name:Byraksu Nytaski
   Joined:20th October, 1997
   DOB:31st October, 2357
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    The telepathic abilities of her parents ensured that Byraksu developed her mental abilities at an early age. However, this also caused her great difficulties as her young mind was not able to control where her telepathy probed, and despite the best efforts of her parents, she was unable to shut out minds and often did not like what she saw.

    At the academy, she was always quiet in classes, only asking the occasional question. Most of the time she appears distant and distracted, and even the few close friends she had knew very little about her. The only person who she confides in is her older brother, who is the First Officer of the USS Recourse, currently on a deep space exploration.

    Excelling at most subjects, yet not good enough to earn an immediate assignment, Byraksu was sent to the USS Culthansis as an 'observing cadet'. It was here that she saw her real purpose in life. In an unexpected encounter with an as yet unknown race, the Culthansis was attacked. Although the ship was able to repel the aliens, the losses were heavy, with over three hundred casualties out of a total crew of five hundred and thirteen. Feeling the pain of the injured and yet unable to help, Byraksu stood by as the sickbay overflowed with the dead and dying. After she returned to the Academy, she refused an engineering position, and instead requesting that she be assigned as a medical officer.

    Byraksu is usually quiet and reserved. Even in a heated debate, she remains absolutely calm, and never raises her voice. However, her emotions are not fully under control, and under certain circumstances she may be affected by the feelings of those around her. Her temper is also somewhat violent and often unexpected, although it is almost always justified. She has very strong feelings as to what is expected of a doctor and what her duties are. Even off duty, she could be seen around sickbay, trying to cheer up the various patients in it or helping the doctors. Her cheerful bedside manners are often welcomed by patients who are usually only barely tolerated by doctors.