Name:James Patrick Reilly
   Joined:10th October, 1997
   DOB:7th June 2361
   POB:Earthdome, Mars
   Height:198 cm
   Weight:89 kg
   Hair:Brownish, short
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    Born on Mars on 7th June 2361 one of two twins. James lived a sheltered life on Mars, but he longed to see the galaxy. One thing that grew him to space was a thing his father told him. That, long times ago people believed the stars were pin picks in the sky for God to look down at us and check on what we were doing. James was born into a quite large family he had older sister Gabrielle or Gabby as he called her. They didnít really get along, in the last few years they have came much closer. She is the first Officer of the USS Alexander. Then there was his twin brother Craig, they were both very close and are like friends. They both joined Starfleet to there mother disgusted and they havenít spoken to her since. Craig is now the Commanding officer of the Warlords a Marine Company stationed on board USS Churchill. His mother who was a Scientist on Mars raised James and didn't want her son to join Starfleet. James' Father was a high-ranking officer in Starfleet before his ship U.S.S Victory was destroyed by the Borg in the offensive of 2373 (Battle of Sol).

    James and his brother both joined the Academy in 2375. James chose Science, while his brother chose the Marine corp. James also met his wife Jennifer a Science cadet and the two fell in love and the next year married. In 2378 James gratitude Starfleet Academy with honours and was assigned to the ill-fated USS Warchild. While on duty the Warchild was attacked by a Dominion Battleship and was destroyed, James also lost his wife Jennifer and her unborn son in the attack and this left James heart-broken and he blamed himself for the death. After his time on the Warchild James considered resigning from Starfleet. After a short period of time James decided to say in Starfleet, but he still carried the guilt and feelings that it was his vault for his wifeís death.

    James decided to transfer to a different department than Science and moved to Tactical and his next assignment was onboard the USS Impulse commanded by Captain Richard Hanlen. James enjoyed his assigned onboard the Impulse which was mainly to explore the Black Cluster and patrol the boarder of Federation/Tholian Space. In mid 2384 James caught the eye of Captain Robert Carrington, whose ship the USS Cairo was to get commissioned shortly. Captain Carrington offered James the Chief Tactical position onboard, which he accepted. The Two years onboard the Cairo were happy times for James, but he could never get over the feeling for the guilt and feeling for his wife. In Early 2385, James was temporarily reassigned to Starfleet Command as aide you his long time friend Captain Carrington, after a few months James longed to return to Stafleet and asked to be reassigned to the Sovereign. James is looking forward to seeing his friends again.


    Playing his trumpet, playing card games. Martial Arts. He is a 5th Dan in Karate, 2nd Dan in Judo and is a 7th Dan in Keno. He is a master swordsman and has instructed people before. Can use many weapons including Klingon and other weapons from different races.