Joined:October, 2000
   Rank:Chief Petty Officer
   DOB:October 18, 2349
   Height:180 cm
   Weight:80 kg
   Hair:Dark Brown
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    Served in the Quartermaster Corp during the Dominion War. Was taking out of action during the Battle of Betazed.

    After recovering, Sperik worked as part of the grounds keeping staff at Starfleet Academy. He transferred to be on the USS Impulse B some years later to stay with some friends.

    Sperik worked for the Deck crew of the USS Impulse B and during 2386 he kept encountering a future version of himself with a high-tech broom. No one believed Sperik when he told them. Eventually Starfleet Command made Sperik the Chief Engineer against the wishes of Captain Darpeg. Sperik develops a broom that looks like the one that Future Sperik is seen using.

    Accidently broke the Prime Directive on planet Behemoth IV when mistaken for a Revolutionary Leader while disguised and caused the revolution to be successful.

    On New Years Eve 2386 Sperik found himself 11 months in the past and was stuck there, having to relive all those days to get back to the present. During reliving the Assassin mission, Sperik ends up causing and solving an anti-time event on the Turkazian Asteroid and is sent to 2409 for six months.

    Sperik eventually returned home, accidently causing Niquelle's, Azuria's, Hemos's, and Majician's origin stories in the process.

    He is now Chief Deck Officer on the repaired USS Impulse A.

    Recently was in a 5 year long timeloop on Planet Earie V, working as a cleaner for a crime boss.

    He always 'smiles' at end of sentences, but still takes things literally and logically . His vocabulary is more polite and informal for a Vulcan.

Sperik's Gadgets:

    Biotic Legs - Lost lower half of his body during the Battle of Betazed. Has a pair of Biotic legs from the year 2409 that let him move really fast. Is powered by normal wireless recharging technology.

    Metal Broom - Sperik developed a high tech broom after seeing a future version of himself with a high tech broom. The broom somehow acquired the ability to jump in time due to an anti-time singularity. Only Sperik is able to power it due to the anti-time singularity event.

    Magic Wand - Advanced Piece of Techology acquired in 2409 but from the 1910s. Sperik claims it only knows one spell; Lock/Unlock. Sperik claims it is actually magical. Only Sperik is able to power it due to the anti-time singularity event.

    Note - Sperik doesn't carry a phaser or weapon of any kind. Also doesn't have the skill to do the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Is trying to teach is Magic Wand the Unconscious/Conscious spell. Briefly borrowed the 'brainwash/unbrainwash' spell from Darpeg's magic wand, but no longer has that spell.

    Interests: Playing the drums, collecting fish.
    Favourite Colour: Green