Name:Jonathan Star
   Joined:16th March, 1998
   DOB:2nd September, 2360
   Height:191 cm
   Weight:220 lbs
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    Born in Colorado, Earth in 2360. Trained for 10 years in Japan, after parents death, in a remote Japan martial arts dojo. His discipline was in Shotokan Karate for which he has achieved the highest known status.

    Parents and Grandparents died during the virogen crisis on Rigel VII. Jonathan was rescued by the USS Intrepid. Uncle died by an apparent suicide after taking over the Star Dilithium Mining Company. The company went bankrupt.

    Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy Jonathan Star was given the rank of Ensign and assigned to security detail on board the USS Impulse. Later assisted Adian Thorn in surveying possible Alliance connection to civil war on Korrid City on the Lunar Colony. No Alliance connect was ever found found. Jonathan Star was later presumed killed on that mission while preventing a gang member from Korrid City from entering the Nexus Ribbon in an attempt to change history. Jonathan Star's shuttle, the Orphan, was destroyed when it's hull collapsed in the ribbon and the warp core exploded. Adrian Thorn scanned from another shuttle and verified there were no survivors.

    Four months after his 'death' Jonathan Star mysteriously returned to the Impulse-A. Since his death he had been given a promotion to Lieutenant (jg). Upon his return he was assigned the duty of Deputy Chief of Security and Head of the Hazard Team. Jonathan Star led a mission to retrieve Tal Praxis off a doomed Tholian ship during the OSS campaign. He temporarily commanded the USS Intrepid during the OSS campaign during the Battle for the Antilies Rift. The Intrepid was destroyed. He was promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned to the USS Impulse-A as the Chief Science Officer.

    Following the destruction of the USS Impulse-A at Corregidor in March 2385, Star was promoted to Lt. Commander. Star then secretly visiting the Nekrah Homeworld and experiancing a year of events in only a month. Afterwards Star was assigned as the Chief Science Officer on the USS Impulse-B.

    In January of 2386, was given the beret of Executive Officer, following Captain Garek Darpeg's installation officially as Commanding Officer of the Impulse. This rank was later comfirmed by Starfleet Command.

    During Operation: Faraday, Star was given temporary command of the USS Farragut.

    Is 25 years old, a Virgo. Enjoys Hyper Sky Diving the occasional Weaponry and Marksmanship training.

    Parents: Richard Star (deceased) and Mary Star (deceased)
    Grandparents: Victor Star (deceased) and Janet Star (deceased)
    Other Relatives: Robert Star (uncle, deceased)