Name:Syra Cole
   Joined:April, 1999
   DOB:23rd October, 2294
   Height:178 cm
   Weight:67 kg
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    A native of the planet Nekri, in 2295 was thrown out of phase of reality due to a Warp Node, and the planet soon came to be controlled by the Romulan Invaders. Syra and her family were merchants for the majority of her upbringing. At her parents' retirement, she took over the family business and holdings and eventually turned it into a full blown mercenary operation. As an adult she watched from the sidelines as new Invaders appeared from outside the pocket dimension and raised a revolution against the Romulan occupiers, only to install a Nekrah Tyrant in charge instead.

    Syra rescued the Royal Resistance from the new Tyrant, including Alanna Vansen and Jonathan Star.

    After the planet was saved, the planet found itself in 2385. Syra she was offcered a place in Starfleet by Alanna and Star, which she took.

    Initally on the USS Cairo, she was technically Chief of Security, but was at first running cargo and recon. Eventually Captain Kenan made Syra their First Officer.