Name:Paul James Williams
   Joined:18th August, 1999
   Rank:Lt. Commander
   DOB:7th September, 2361
   Height:191 cm
   Weight:74 kg
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    Was born on Mars in 2361, but tells people he is from England. Lived with his father Captain James Joseph Williams on the USS Drake NCC 70956. At age eight witnessed a brutal massacre. At the start of the Dominion War in 2373 Paul was left to stay with Family on Mars. His Father died during the Battle for Cardassia at the end of the war.

    At Starfleet Academy, was president of the Fencing Club and met his future wife Angel. Paul was keen to protect people and be strong enough to prevent a brutal massacre like he witnessed from happening again.

    After graduating, he was assigned to the USS Impulse A towards the end of the Tholian War. During the Battle for Antilles Rift, Paul severed as OSS liaise to the USS Royale. Was on board the USS Impulse A for the The Battle of Corregidor and the Siege of Corregidor after the USS Impulse A crashed landed on the planet. Proposed to Angel during a heated moment of the Siege.

    With the USS Impulse A destroyed and the War over, Angel transferred back to Deep Space 5 and Lieutenant (jg) Paul Williams was assigned to the USS Courage as Chief of Operations. On the Courage, Paul help supress a Hologram Uprising and stopped time travellers committing terrorist acts in Earth's past. When he personally saved the Starfleet Prefix Decoder getting into the hands of the Klingons, Paul earnt his Distinguished Service Medal and full Lieutenant Rank. Paul was on shore leave when the USS Courage was lost in space.

    Lieutenant Paul Williams was then transferred to the newly finished USS Impulse B as Chief of Operations. Paul was soon back in action, dealing with the Sheliak claims of ownership over an outer colony before coming help defend Deep Space 5 from some Rogue Tholians. Paul knocked Lt. Commander Semaj Yarlig unconscious to stop him sacrificing two thirds of the crew to save the Command Module of the ship, saving over 150 lives.

    During the Doctor Bev Rescue mission, Paul and Doctor Selar appeared to be executed. Afterwards Paul was on leave, almost ready to quit Starfleet. Grown tired of the casual use of force and violence by his superiors as shortcuts to getting results. But the Mad Borg invasion happened, pulling Paul back into the action.

    After the Mad Borg Invasion had ended, Paul and Angel were married in a chapel on Deep Space 5. Paul was pleased when the CO of the USS Courage, Captain Garek Darpeg returned and took command of the USS Impulse B. Captain Darpeg was half Klingon, but he was also half Vulcan and every moment of his life he was holding himself back from doing violence. Captain Darpeg actively looked for non-violent solutions which pleased Paul. Paul found himself drawn towards the Security and Tactical Departments and felt that was where he belong in order to Protect People. Paul was eventually was reassigned as the Chief of that Department.

    During the Bajorian Wormhole mission, Paul inside a vision, saw himself in the past causing the brutal massacre he had seen as a eight year old. Paul realised it was his greatest nightmare, that he would become that monster that had haunted him his whole life. Paul faced his past and overcame it.

    During the Theros mission, Paul led the teams in lifting up the crashed Command Module from the planet surface with Lieutenant (jg) Niquelle.

    During the Mutant Tribble mission, Paul and Captain Darpeg devised the deodorant counter measure since they were triggered by smell.

    During the War Games, Paul designed the battle plan for a Borg Cube to invade Romulan Space. The Impulse B played the role of three Borg Cubes. Paul ended up capturing the actors playing the roles of the Romulan Senate Council and 'assimilated' them.

    During some leave on Romulus, Paul was framed for the murder of the Tal'Shair Chairman. In custody Paul was almost killed several times. Paul escaped, then as a fugitive, he cleared his name and help find the guilty party. Afterwards Paul was promoted to Lt. Commander.

    During the Beta Zerus mission, Paul was part of the team investigating the culture to see if they were ready to become members of the Federation.

    During the Behemoth IV mission, Paul tried to stop the violence from escalating into a Civil War that CPO Sperik had unwittingly instigated. Paul ended up having to aid one side in the conflict to let one side win as peacefully as he could.

    During the Araria mission, Paul neutralised the Trimenthazine Gas giant that was damaging the Ararian system after a game of riddles in the Black Room. Lt. Commander Berg got Paul of of there safely afterwards.

    During the Organleggers mission, Paul and CPO Sperik found and caught the organ smugglers. During the Dyson Sphere mission, Paul helped Lt. Commander Berg to retake the restored USS Impulse A.

    During the Diablo mission, Paul and Captain Darpeg were tricked into thinking Captain Nero was a terrorist, so they sabotaged his mining ship.

    During The Vault mission, Paul and Captain Darpeg captured the missing USS Courage from the Romulans

    During Operation: Faraday, Paul was given temporary command of the USS Courage.

    Paul sees his wife, Lt. Commander Angel every time the Impulse gets back to it's home port inbetween missions. It is a strain to be appart for long periods of time, but it would be a step backwards in Paul's career to transfer to a Starbase, and it would be a step backwards for Angel's career to transfer to a starship.

    Enjoys fencing and other traditional medieval Human rituals and thinking how wonderful his wife is.

    The man who caused the brutal massacre that young Paul saw was caused by a evil Paul Williams from another timeline.