Name:Semaj Recysism Yarlig
   Joined:31st October, 1997
   Status:Immate at Facility 4028
   Rank:Former Lt. Commander
   DOB:1st August, 2352
   Height:183 cm
   Weight:109 kg
   Build:Old Swimmer
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    Semaj Yarlig was born in in 2352 to the owners of a Wine Bar in with city of Sithis.

    The enterprising cousin of Semaj, Zoran, declared a foreign market could be exploited, the trio, including Semaj himself, his sister, and Zoran ventured to Ferenginarr in 2369. After being fooled by Merchants (recognising the three to be the gullible type) they found themselves trapped on the foreign world, far from home, with no means of a return trip.

    Dominon War:
    Four years later, at the outbreak of the Dominion War in late 2373, Semaj joined Starfleet Academy. Like many Cadets during the Dominion War, Semaj severed on a Starship during his cadetship. Semaj was on board the USS Adventurer.

    Post-Dominion War:
    At the end of the Dominion War, Semaj graduated from the Academy and began his carrer as a peaceful Astrophysicist. Semaj earned himself a Doctorate in Astrophysical Sciences.

    Semaj in 2383 was assigned to the USS Impulse during it's refit from being the USS Phoenix. During the refit Semaj stayed on board Deep Space 5. Semaj's industrious cousin Zoran with his new wife opened a bar on Deep Space 5 during this time.

    Tholian War:
    At the outbreak of the Tholian War in 2384, Semaj was assigned to be the Chief Engineer from his peaceful life of science. Semaj served as the Chief Engineer throughout the Tholian War on board the USS Impulse and USS Impulse A. No acts of distinction during tour on board the USS Impulse.

    While on the USS Impulse A, was notable for defending Main Enginering from a New Maquis attack. Also for single-handily saving the USS Impulse A's nacelles during the Battle for Antilles Rift. During the Tholian War Semaj became a heavy drinker.

    Post-Tholian War:
    At the end of the Tholian War the USS Impulse A was destroyed. Semaj was transferred to Earth and taught Science at Starfleet Academy. Oversaw the construction of the USS Impulse B.

    When the USS Impulse B launched, Semaj transfered to their Operations Department temporarily before settling in as the Astrophysicist in the Science Department. Semaj was forced to become sober when Captain Elbraum ordered alcohol banned from the ship. Semaj was in rehab while during the Sheliak mission.

    Anketi Nebula:
    The USS Impulse B and USS Cario B were ordered to investigate a rogue Tholian attacks. The pair of ships were ambushed by some Rogue Tholians who were ignoring that the Tholian War had ended. The bad timing of the attack meant Semaj was forced to be in command and ordered the Impulse to enter the Anketi Nebula to hide. Cario as about to follow when Tholian technology ignited the nebula. To escape Semaj ordered the Attack Modules of the USS Impulse separated from the Command Module. This caused 78 Starfleet Officers to be killed and the destruction of the Attack Modules.

    The USS Impulse was at Earth for a few months to replace the destroyed attack modules. Semaj guilt ridden by the Anketi Nebula mishap, made worse when he was made Acting Executive Officer following Commander Hanlen leaving Starfleet for politics. Semaj began drinking again.

    USS Impulse was attacked by Romulans who were holding Dr Bev. Semaj ended up incapacitated during the hostiles by being impaled. A fake Dr Bev imprinted her katra into the unconscious Semaj in sickbay before she was killed.

    After recovering from his wound, Semaj was still depressed and drank more. This situation made worse by the Katra in his head. Semaj ends up resigning from Starfleet, wanting to return to working as a peaceful Scientist. He returned to his homeworld.

    Return to Starfleet:
    A couple of Months later, CPO Sperik found Semaj on his homeworld, Oceanari. Sperik managed to take Semaj to Vulcan, and removed the Katra in a Vulcan Memory Jar. Semaj re-joined Starfleet, but only as a Astrophysicist. Reluctantly Semaj agreed to be come as Science Chief when Commander Star was promoted.

    Because of his background, Semaj was recruited into a secret organisation dedicated to forcing peace across the galaxy and ending all violence, no matter the cost. Semaj's involvement escalated after returning from a violent three year time loop on the ISS Impulse. Semaj handed over a Delgado Switch to the secret organisation, but not before using it to kill 500 assassins in an instant. Semaj claimed to have used poison publically.

    After a failed attempt with his organisation to brainwash the galaxy into becoming pacifists, Semaj was arrested and put in Facility 4028.